Balloons & Accessories

12" helium balloon assortment

12 inch balloons

- Most commonly used for parties, 12 inch balloons are an excellent choice for interior decorating, balloon arches, birthdays, baby showers, and receptions.

17" helium balloon assortment

17 inch balloons

- 17 inch balloons are our go-to choice for businesses looking to increase sales, such as car dealerships, apartment complexes, realtors, and everyone in between. When looking for outdoor displays, this is the balloon for you.

5' helium balloon

5 foot balloons

- Our 5 foot balloons are for companies that really want to stand out! Floating at heights up to 100 feet, they are sure to get you noticed!

helium balloon string


- Every balloon needs a string!

helium balloon ribbon


- If you’re looking for a little more flare, ribbon is a great option to add more color to your displays!

5' helium balloon pennant


- Pennants are to be used with our 5 foot balloons,

latex helium balloon regulator

Latex regulator

- When attached to a helium cylinder, this is the device used to inflate latex balloons.

mylar and latex helium balloon regulator

Mylar regulator

- Similar to the latex regulator, this regulator has a secondary attachment used to inflate mylar (foil) balloons to the proper pressure.